Sectors of intervention

Gianni Benvenuto S.p.A operates, according to a certified quality system, in the areas such as Tertiary, Hospital, Industrial and Energetic both in Italy and abroad. The organisation and the flexibility that characterize the company, allow to design, build and maintain plants of air conditioning, heating, water and sanitary, fire and gas of all types and sizes in compliance with the regulations and the needs of clients, both public and private .
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as a primary objective through continuous staff training, the experience and skills gained in more than 50 years of activity.



Gianni Benvenuto S.p.A.

Viale Matteotti, 39
22012 Cernobbio (CO)
PH: 031.511070 - Fax: 031.513910
P.IVA: IT00926570136
R.E.A: 199118
Capitale Sociale: 2.000.000,00 i.v.