Technical Office

The functions performed by the technical office consist of the analysis of details aimed at constructive development of the following activities carried out during the design phase by the Professional Client:

  • Development of the integrated design: the building-systems;
  • Study of the shape coefficients and orientations assigned to buildings;
  • Optimization of the thermal characteristics: transmittance, thermal inertia, etc. of the building components;
  • Proposal for amendments to laws and regulations concerning the air and water pollution, energy saving and relative development with the Designer / Buyer of these procedures;
  • Development of programs for energy saving;
  • Analysis of the calculations and normative report of thermal insulation, according to the provisions of Law 10 of 9th January 1991;
  • Support to energy certificate inherent in developing the practice of classification of the building;
  • Rationalisation of maintenance programs through the preparation of instruction handbooks and appropriate procedures;



The services mentioned above are developed according to order standardized processes, summarized as follows:



  • Project data collection and verification;
  • Definition of qualitative and functional characteristics of the plants;
  • Study of the needs and performance specifications to provide;
  • Study of architectural drawings;
  • Engineering and energy studies in collaboration with the designers, focused in the construction of "energy saving" buildings and facilities;
  • Cost / benefit analysis, to ensure the convenience of the solutions proposed;
  • Layouts and cost estimates for comparative studies in regards of alternative choices for the solutions to be adopted;
  • Report explaining the reasons for the proposed solutions based on the above evaluations (if requested);


  • Recognition of all the works to be performed in compliance with the laws, regulations and policies of the executive project;
  • Calculation and dimension check of the components;
  • Proposal of distribution networks and major paths;
  • Definition and location of major equipment;
  • Block diagrams of plants and power stations;
  • Lay-out of the distribution networks and major paths (pipelines, canals, etc.) and their main interferences with the building structures;
  • Detailed design and calculation of the perforated patterns to arrange in the building structures;
  • General drawings made with most appropriate scales to describe the main characteristics of the plants;


  • Drawings and dimensional diagrams of all the systems, detailed with compulsory construction specifics;
  • Preparation of technical specifications for approval, containing technical characteristics of equipment and materials;
  • General set up of all the systems and performances needed in order to allow the correct execution of the plants;
  • Calibration and balancing system configuration;
  • Arrangement for testing;
  • Maintenance program;
  • On site assistance;
  • Specialized support for the construction direction;
  • TAB implementation (Testing adjusting and balancing);
  • Expert assistance to the commissioning;
  • Assistance to construction and functional testing.



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