Type of plants achieved:

  • Air-conditioning installations for residential, commercial and industrial use, for small, medium and large compounds;
  • Cogeneration, heat recovery and renewable energy plants;
  • Large central heatings and distribution networks settled in districts or big compounds;
  • Thermal fluid and steam heaters;
  • Ventilating systems in residential, industrial, road network (tunnels, etc.);
  • Plumbing and sanitary systems for all commercial and industrial applications;
  • Irrigation systems;



  • Equipment for the production and distribution of compressed air;
  • Medical gas distribution systems;
  • Centralized dust suction system;
  • Networks of the precipitation channel;
  • Networks of the sewage channel (drainage system);
  • Fire-fighting systems: hydrants, sprinklers systems, gas systems;
  • Equipment for the production and distribution of gaseous and liquids;
  • Control systems and centralized supervision of the facilities for the management optimization;
  • Electrical systems submitted to mechanical systems;



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