Among its services Gianni Benvenuto S.p.A. also offers the operation and maintenance of the facilities.
The maintenance of the systems is a fundamental process to maintain the efficiency of the entire system and its main components, such as refrigerators and boilers, but also the hydraulic and ventilation networks and all the terminal elements.
For all the plants Gianni Benvenuto S.p.A. is able to guarantee a 24/24h availability with an intervention time of 2 hours from the call time, for both serious emergencies as well as a full maintenance service to meet every customer's request.

All activities are conducted in full compliance with the regulations and in particular to the rules of the energy consumption control (Law 9 January 1991., And 10 of the implementing rules laid down by DPR 412 of 26th August 1993, as amended by DPR 551 of December 21st, 1999 and s.m.i).



The qualified staff establish data record with appropriate forms of intervention according to the drawn up plans in order to optimize maintenance interventions . These records are always available to the customer.

Below the list of some of the main activities:

  • Inspection and maintenance of the operating condition of the equipment;
  • Daily reading of the operating parameters;
  • Checking the conditions of environmental comfort;
  • Maintenance of plant components;
  • Replacement of broken components;

Gianni Benvenuto S.p.A.

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